Air Strike profile.JPG


Too Fly X Hostile Take Over

Berkshire | Stress Negative | Bred by Smith Family, IL
Registration #130895001 | EN 13-1

$100 Per Dose List Price
$60 Per Dose Overrun Price

What a Berkshire boar!  It took us $7000 to bring AIR STRIKE home!  This guy’s explosive muscle shape from front to back had us all in!  AIR STRIKE is possibly the best balanced hog we have seen in the Berkshire breed.  When we start at the ground his feet are big and his toes are square.  As we step back and analyze his angles you quickly see that they are picture perfect.  We love this guy’s top shape, rump shape and his great big shoulders.  We feel that this is your one-way ticket to a successful Berkshire program.