TLS El Dorado

Cadillac X Shotgun Wedding

Berkshire | Stress Negative | Bred by Sugar Creek Genetics
Registration #134673003 | EN 1-3

$125 Per Dose List Price
$75 Per Dose Overrun Price

When we bred our Wintex Shotgun Wedding sow to Cadillac I knew it would click!  Here at SCG we strive to use boars with true breeding value and as I saw a lot of Cadillac daughters getting it done in the shows and in the farrowing house we had to do it.  EL DORADO comes from a fantastic litter with all easy sellable hogs.  This guy matured into everything and more than we could have ever hoped for.  We had plans to take him to Belton but after seeing the route he was talking I thought it would cost more to bring him back home.  Where this guy excels is his monster square top, big expressive rump and good and strong at his ham/loin junction.  Legs are BIG, placement is square and correct.  Not Bowlegged! Bone and foot size is impressive!