Sweet Feet X Kolt 45 (Triple Threat's Mother)

Spot | Stress Carrier | Bred by Bombei and Sons, IA
Registration #159425001 | EN 1-1

$125 Per Dose List Price
$75 Per Dose Overrun Price

Epilogue came from Bombei and Sons in Iowa who are known for consistently producing champion spotted hogs.  When Epilogue came out of the barn I thought to myself WOW I have never seen a spot boar with so much power and so much dimension at 10 months of age.  He is so crisp and clean at every angle.  Epilogue is heavy boned, square toed, level topped, and gets out and takes a big and fluid stride.  His mother is their old Kolt 45 sow which is also the mother of the $20,000 Triple Threat Spotted Boar from 2014 NBS.  We could go on and on about this guy!  Thanks to the Bombei Family for the opportunity with this outstanding Spot boar!