Sired by LNHM Junk’s Berry

LNHM Shock Collar

LNHM Red Alert

CHF Family Guy

LOOF Doug E. Fresh

LNHM Junk's Berry

Junkyard Dog X Convoy

Hereford | Bred by Chris & Latoya Lanham
Registration #128219 | EN 28-2

$100 Per Dose List Price
$60 Per Dose Overrun Price

When I think of boars that have changed a breed I look for the root of the revolution. All too often, the true changer gets left behind. Hype builds around sons and grandsons. Then, as always, breeders get tied up in the race of looking for the next one. I understand this. As I am guilty at times myself. I feel the need to reflect in the past momentarily and compile a few of well know, notable sons of LNHM Junks Berry. As this is one of only 2 boars that I know of that you will find in just about every winning pedigree. LNHM Shock Collar, LNHM Red Alert, CHF Family Guy, LOOF Doug E. Fresh…All sired by LNHM Junks Berry.

JUNK’S BERRY is huge boned, extremely heavy structured, huge footed, even toed and wide from end to end.  He is also very moderate in his frame size, bold shouldered and bold ribbed with a chine bone so deep I’m not sure it’s there!  This dude comes and goes with more width than most crosses yet still takes a big long stride as he is also flexible in his spine, level in his design and correct out of his hip.  BARROW MAKER!!