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STKY Look At Me

Stop Lookin X Like No Other

Poland | Stress Negative | Bred by Stookey Showpigs, IN                     Owned with Nathan Arnholt, IN
Registration #47964001 | EN 2-1

$150 Per Dose List Price
$75 Per Dose Overrun Price

We went to Expo with one thing in mind, find a boar with an upheaded, cocky attitude, and a really unique hind leg that will grab your attention.  What I didn’t know was that we would find it on the same hog!  Look At Me screams “Hey I’m over here strutting across the ring!” Tall fronted, motoring true and square across the ring.  Look At Me is a stress negative full sibling to the $23,000 First Sight boar.  This guy being negative makes him a must use on those carrier sows.  Don’t worry about losing muscle and power he’s got it.