GAF Mouse Hunt

GAF Rocky X GAF Maverick

Tamworth | Bred by Golden Acres Farm, IN
Owned with Ethan Keyser, IL and Dale Moore Family, IN
Registration #276934 | EN 34-1

$100 Per Dose List Price
$60 Per Dose Overrun Price

We would like to share with the Tamworth breed the OUTCROSS we've been hunting for....GAF Mouse Hunt.  No Cornerstone, High Geer, Record Breaker, Ferrari, Charlie, Skidmark, or Oustsider! We first saw this guy at the INSF and wondered what will he look like in a month?  Fast forward to the Tamworth National Show he wins his class!  After talking with Brad and Doug we find out this boars mother is a littermate to a boar named Mickey at their place who is an absolute STUD!  Mouse Hunt is a moderate framed boar with the showpig look in a true and square package.  This guy is young but reads the right maturity pattern to continue to impress.