My Turn

Instant Addiction X S&L (Bullfrog's Mother)

Spot | Stress Negative | Bred by Corya Family Showpigs, IN
Registration #162156002 | EN 30-2

$100 Per Dose List Price
$60 Per Dose Overrun Price


First off, a Huge THANK YOU to Corya Family Showpigs for allowing us the opportunity to bring this boar to Sugar Creek Genetics! Once they told me the background on this sow and the impact she and her offspring have had in the Spotted breed it was a no brainer that we needed him!  This S&L Sow is the 2011 IJSC Points Champion Spot Gilt, mother the Legendary BULLFROG, mother of the 2014 Champion Spot Barrow at San Antonio, and is a littermate to Demolition Man (2011 STC Champion Spot Boar). Progressive spot breeders already know Bullfrog is found in the pedigree of many of the most successful and winningest spots to be shown in recent years. This Sow mated to the popular Mark Hurd sire, Instant Addiction; who is carving quite a name for himself, gives us confidence that his pedigree is potent!

My Turn is the next boar from Coryas destined to leave a major impact in the breed! His extension up front and flexibility through his neck is the best we have found, and ties back into a near perfect set to his blade. My Turn is the heaviest boned Spot boar we have laid eyes on at this age. Square built, big hipped with awesome rib shape. We can go on and on but with the power backing this one’s pedigree, there is not a doubt in our minds that it’s My Turn to win!!