LNHM Red Garter

Red Sox X Sycamore

Hereford | Bred by Chris & Latoya Lanham
Registration #160887003 | EN 4-3

$125 Per Dose List Price
$75 Per Dose Overrun Price

RED GARTER was the Lanham CPS STC entry that didn’t make the trip to Springfield.  Chris said “We know where he’s going, we know what he is, and we know what he’s worth.  What’s the point in taking a chance on him getting hurt or sick?”  RED GARTER fits the mold of being a Red Sox Son.  Loose made, heavy boned, level, and pretty.  But with the added power that seems to generate best from the Lanham herd.  We think this one is special.  The mother of this boar is no stranger to raising boars that work.  She is the old 9th parody Sycamore sow, LNHM Cottonwoods littermate, and mother of LNHM Shock Collar.  Use with confidence to make well marked true show pigs with the look that WINS!


2017 CPS National Hereford Sire of the Year!