LNHM Shock Collar

For Reference Only

Junk's Berry X Sycamore

Hereford | Bred by Chris & Latoya Lanham, IN
Registration #150954 | EN 25-3

$125 Per Dose List Price
$75 Per Dose Overrun Price

Premier Hereford Sire 2016 CPS STC!
THE HEREFORD BREEDS MOST INFLUENTIAL SIRE TO DATE!  Shock Collar is what 99 % of Herefords are not! Extremely Moderate, shorter sided, tall fronted, level, loose made, crazy heavy boned, bold ribbed, wide chested, big topped, big butted, bold shouldered all packed into a very mobile, functional package. Not only is this guy sired by LNHM Junk’s Berry (which is carving out quite a name for himself producing some of the trendiest Herefords to date) but, on the bottom side of this pedigree lays Cottonwood’s littermate sister and she is a very productive, beautiful female bred back to JB for her 3rd litter of their offspring. Being out of a litter of 12 all nearly perfectly marked pigs no guess work here on markings! We’ve seen every Hereford boar on stud to date and LNHM Shock Collar is by far our favorite!! USE WITH CONFIDENCE!