NNMS Walk This Way

Walk The Dog X Shotgun Wedding
(Non Typical's littermate sister)

Berkshire | Stress Negative | Bred by Nick & Neal Mauck, IN
Owned by Ritter Family Berkshires, IN
Registration #138338008 | EN 21-8

$200 Per Dose List Price
$100 Per Dose Overrun Price

This boar comes to us through a frozen semen mating of the very popular Walk the Dog boar from Perry swine Genetics to Non typical’s littermate sister at Maucks. Wow what a chance to get something different! This may be your only chance to reach back and get a Very interesting pedigree. Walk this way gets out and moves out of his hip so different, he is square made and maintains that build and width throughout his skeleton. Come and see this guy!!! Everybody should try him on one.